FM WhatsApp is the most used app for communication with friends and family members. Therefore, WhatsApp is the most popular APK that is used in touch worldwide.

But, WhatsApp has many clients and downloaders that use APK to interact with friends and family members. So, developers added new features to the original app. Moreover, today we talk about WhatsApp.

FMWhatsaApp Apk has many mods out there and new features. On FMWhatsapp, you can send SMS calls and photos like the original WhatsApp, But in FMWhatsapp. It is one of the best Mod Apk to share messages, pictures, and much more information.

But, this is the latest with its all updated versions and suitable to use. Moreover, FMWhatsApp Apk has all the good features to download and install easily. It is also better to find the best link from a search engine and then install it.

This article will help provide all the information about the latest version of FM WhatsApp to download and install on your Android system. This Mod is best due to its similar functions and is easy to use with its updated theme and new wallpaper settings.

However, in recent times, the developer set new features from time to time and made this application best for use. Thus, once install it and get all the necessary things you do have not in your messenger WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp Apk Latest Features

It is a simple Mod Apk with al quality features to use. But, users can find the difference between the original application and FM Apk. So, all the new and latest features of this are given here below.


It is the best feature that is set in the FM. So, you can use this MOd without any restriction in your Android system. Moreover, there is no limit to using it and works as an anti-ban system. However, the developers of this application add new features and update them. So, you need to update it from time to time.

Privacy Control

FM WhatsApp also has similar functions of complete privacy. So, when you send a text, it will not show a blue tick. Moreover, the last scene also freezes and is not revealed to anyone. You can hide chat optional and make it private. Furthermore, FM Mod Apk is also good to add a new set of conversations with unknown names.

Hide Of Typing

The typing and recording option is also hidden in the FM WhatsApp APk 8.20. Therefore, you can get it is not shown at another end. But, it is in the complete privacy option. Voice recording is also hidden.

Theme Customization

FM WhatsApp also gives an option for their optimization. In this way, you can set a wallpaper for sending the text in different colors. But, the other thing is this has a large font size to add to your Android system.

Multiple Sending Options

The feature is good to make this Mod Apk different from all other sides to use. So, you can send many of the messages and pictures without limit. But, it is also good to send large-size files in significantly less time.

Anti-delete Messages

It is also better to send messages. Moreover, there is an option of anti-delete. When someone sends you a text, it cannot be deleted. Therefore, try to use its updated version of FM WhatsApp v8 35 and make it suitable for shipping and sharing data.

Bugs Free

The features make all users run the account without any restrictions. Moreover, it is also free from all bugs and virus issues. The installation is straightforward to use with the original application. But, try to follow the installation process and then install FMWhatsApp.

No Forward Tag

It is also suitable for everyone to check in this Mod Apk which gives an easy way to share data. So, now you can forward a message pictures, and videos without any tag or forwarding option. It is overall easy to put privacy.

Status Privacy

The privacy for status is also good to give all easy way. So, you can check all contact statuses, and it is not shown to any other. Moreover, you can check all the quality of your contacts, and it is not shown that you have seen them. Therefore, FMWhatsApp Apk gives complete privacy to all users with its simple status option.

Download the Latest Version of FMWhatsApp Apk

The most important thing is that this is a modded version of WhatsApp Messenger. So, this is not at the Play Store. Therefore, you need to find the link from Google, directly download a file in its Zip form, and then install it.

But, it is good to see the updated version as developers always try to add new things in the FM Mod Apk and make it the latest with all updates. So, always prefer a new and latest version to download and then install it.

Overall, FMWhatsApp is good to use and free from all bugs and issues. The file size is not significant is about 40MB. The FM name is related to its developer Foud Mukedad. Thus, download the latest version with its all good features and make your account private for all.

How To Download And Install FMWhatsApp V10?

It is effortless to download the latest version of FMWhatsApp on your Android system. But, before, the FM WhatsApp apk download, you need to create a backup and save all data.

Moreover, it is also added to use all settings and open unknown source files to enable it. Therefore, this also gives an easy way for all users to make a simple system and adjust all good features for installation.

So, click on the download option and then FM WhatsApp latest version 8.35, start downloading. Once the download is complete open a file, and a choice of installation will help begin to install.

It takes time a bit to install on your Android system. Thus, when installation is complete, you can change and set the original setting of all privacy in your FM WhatsApp Mod.

What Is FM WhatsApp?

It is a simple type of modded version of the original WhatsApp. This is the latest to use for many people’s Android systems. But, it is also simple to use in your system with its all quality of features and functions. It is also full of features that are not in the original application.

Why is FM WhatsApp Banned?

In recent times many users have used the modded version with different functions. So, WhatsApp decided to ban some mods of Apk. Therefore, FM WhatsApp 2020 was also forbidden. But, now it is in use, and you can also install and use it.

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