Instant Messaging is a form of communication over the internet. Instant Messaging helps to interact with two persons through mobile, PC, or any other device. These apps or applications establish a direct connection between the users. People who are living in foreign countries can easily connect to you. It is just because of the help of instant messaging apps.

Some apps provide only text communication. But some apps offer a facility to send and receive videos, photos, documents, and so on. People are using this application without knowing its worth. It provides an instant transmission of a message from sender to receiver.

Instant Messaging Account

There are two types of instant messaging apps. First of all, Offline instant messaging is one of the best sources to connect. It is an old version, and there is no need to set up an account. So, it is also one of the standard technologies. In short, people interact other others by using massage apps that work through the network.

Second, Online messaging apps need an account to have access. However, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Yahoo, and so on. Every instant messaging user has to set up an account to get access. However, each participant needs to be signed in to the messaging apps/ applications. So you need a valid instant messaging app to connect.

5 Best Free Apps For Android

This world has become a global world due to the internet. There are a lot of apps that offer good services. As the name suggests, instant messaging apps are used for chatting purposes. These apps can easily be installed on your mobile phone or any other device. Moreover, it is easy to download nowadays.

However, different apps perform different features. So it is essential to know the characteristics of these apps. It will help you to choose one quickly.

These features are as follows;

  • These apps provide free service.
  • These apps help send and receive instant messages.
  • Moreover, it gives the benefit of sharing photos and videos.
  • Online video is one of the best services of instant messaging apps.

So here is the list of the best free instant messaging apps;

Messenger App

This app can be downloaded and installed for free. You can download it from Google or the Play Store. Currently, billions of users are using the messenger app. However, this app is connected to Facebook. It provides you with a lot of services. Users can chat and send photos for free. It would be best if you had an intentional connection. So Messenger is one of the most used message apps.

WhatsApp Messenger

Just like Messenger, the What’s app can also be downloaded easily. You can download it from Google or the Play Store. Today, billions of users are using WhatsApp’s, app Messenger.

So, it is the second-largest platform. WhatsApp is gaining more users due to its unique features and updates. It provides you services for sending and receiving text, sharing photos, and video calls. However, the most important thing is that it is free.

Viber Instant Messaging App

Viber is the best social media chatting app. It has some similarities with other messaging apps. But it also has unique features. Millions of users are using Viber and enjoying its latest updates. Moreover, it can be downloaded free from Google or the Play Store.

Telegram Messenger System     

Telegram is one of the newly updated apps. It is a good source of communication. After all, the developers of this app have made a lot of efforts to make it the best. Your conversation can be stored for a long time. It is a secure instant messaging app.


Skype is one of the favorite apps by a large audience. Users like it due to its professional video call service. It is also a very efficient way to send text and files. Skype is a free app that offers the best services to users. Moreover, Skype making communication easier.

5 Best Instant Apps For Windows/ PC.

This world has to be global because of the internet. It helps to solve a lot of problems at once. The Internet is the best source to communicate with others. Users are using the applications and apps on every device. However, you can install some apps and applications on Android, but some can access a laptop.

These are the following five instant Messaging apps for PC or Windows;


What’s app is a well-known and accessible messaging app? It is free to download on Android but also available for Windows and PC. It provides fantastic service including the following;

  • Users can easily send photos and videos by using the What’s app on a PC.
  • People can change the setting according to their needs.
  • You can send and receive texts privately as well as create a group.
  • It also provides the service of voice recordings.

Primarily people have a desktop version. However, it is also easy to use.

Discord Messenger

It is not one of the popular messaging apps, but it is a good choice. Discord Messenger provides all the essential features to its users. Users can chat by text or voice note. It gives a quality to create the group and enjoy the updates. You can also install it free on a PC and enjoy its features.


Slack is one of the popular Instant Message apps. It provides a professional platform to the users. However, it has a lot of unique options. It is the best choice for international communication and file sharing.


WeChat is one of the most popular Messaging apps after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? It is the top chat app and is free to install and use. You can use it on Android and PC also. It provides features like messaging, creating groups, video calling, and stories. Thus, it is easy to use on a laptop.


The line is the most popular messaging app in Japan, Asia, Indonesia, and Thailand. So it is the best app to connect with the people of these countries. It provides fantastic services for free. You can download it on Andriod. However, it has a desktop version. So you can download it on your laptop and enjoy its service. Moreover, it is a video messaging app.

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