Social media is a form of electronic communication through which users create online communication to share ideas, messages, and other content. But, it was started with a computer but is now easily available on smartphones and tablets. So, it helps to communicate with people, even with foreigners. Thus, it is a great source of income as well.

Top Lists of Best Social Media Sites

Here you will come to know about the best social media sites, either new or old. These are the following most popular social media sites;

Top Lists of Best Social Media Sites

Facebook (A Professional SMS)

Facebook is one of the best social media sites. This free social media site allows users to create accounts and profiles. Here users create their profiles, upload photos, and videos, and can easily communicate with friends. Therefore, many more people avail the facility of Facebook not only as a source of communication but also as a source of passive income.

In this Social Media World, Facebook plays a major role in everyday lives. Users create their profiles on Facebook and then create pages. Over time, they get more likes and followers on their pages. Then companies asked them for advertising to upload videos or pics to inform a massive audience and get paid for it.

So it helps people and companies to promote their business. But, it is a great source to increase sales as well. Thus, according to a report, 2.701 billion users are using Facebook

YouTube Secod Top Site

YouTube is another highly used social media site. It is one of the best old social media sites. Earlier, this application to inform people, and it aimed to connect people as a global unit.
However, over time, the game of like, share, and subscribe changes everything. Moreover, nowadays, it is a source of income as well as information.

So, it allows users to create their own channels and spread knowledge to the world. Internet connectivity is a must-have. However, it is a great source of income to stay at home and earn online. Moreover, YouTubers upload videos to their interest and get viewed. So, they get the payment according to the consequences of followers and viewers on the videos.

Twitter A Social Media App

It is one of the best social media sites that allow users free service. The users register their accounts and upload short posts that are called tweets. So, Tweets are available for every single user. Moreover, it allows users to pick up their interests. The users must have a great knowledge of hashtags.

Companies can select users to advertise their brands and get paid instantly. Thus, Twitter users get the payment according to followers. So it’s better to select an interesting topic to grow an account. Twitter members can use multiple devices and platforms. There are currently 353 Million monthly active users.

LinkedIn Profile Social Media Sites

LinkedIn is a professional Social Network Site. Moreover, it comes under the best social sites. Thus, it allows users to get more opportunities. One must know its proper use. If used correctly, it helps to collaborate with opportunities. It is somehow similar to Facebook but has more importance than that.

It is important to upload a professional resume. Moreover, LinkedIn users get opportunities for jobs even without applying. It helps to share your experience with others and grow your business. There are 740 million members of LinkedIn.

Wikipedia An Informational Social Media Site

Wikipedia is the top website on social media. It helps to provide information in detail. People use Wikipedia to get information or to upload their information. Here are millions of articles on this site. It provides knowledge about every topic. But, the administrator of this site has the power to block wrong or inauthentic content.

Writers must have to follow the requirements of Wikipedia to upload any article. It was founded in 2001. Anyone can register on this site and create articles to publish and get paid.


Pinterest is the best social media site. It is like the online version and a website that helps you find and organize pictures, ideas, and interesting things. Pinterest pins can include photos, videos, drawings, and video animation. Therefore, there are a lot of different topics on Pinterest.

There are a lot of reasons people like to use Pinterest. You can use it to show off things according to your interests. Businesses can even use Pinterest to advertise and promote themselves to customers.

So firstly, you have to sign up for an account; that’s an easy step. Then create a good profile on this Social Media site. It is a knowledgeable app, action, and website. Users can earn money by uploading videos and pictures.


Instagram is one of the best social media sites. It allows users to upload videos and pictures on this application. It is an application by which users can edit and share photos with a global community.

Therefore, the use of hashtags helps to increase the traffic on the post. It is the choice of the user to make an account public or private. It is a great source of passive income by increasing followers. So it will be more helpful to follow your niche.

Tiktok A New Social Media Site

In 2018, the TikTok application started to gain popularity and became the most downloaded app. TikTok is one of the top social media apps on this planet. But, the users have to create an account and upload videos for up to 15 seconds. They can share trends or can lapse on other voices.

It is very simple to use. Moreover, there are millions of videos on the TikTok application. Thus, TikTok users can upload videos with interest and increase the following traffic. They must be paid for this. Everyone can easily avail and use it.

Six Degrees

Do you know it is the first old website that allowed to creation of a profile? It was launched in 1997. There were a lot of features that turned into modern social media sites. So, just like friend lists and instant messaging were introduced to the audience. But unfortunately, Six Degrees was banned or died in 2001. The reason was only fewer internet users 2% only.


Social media is now a trend in this world. Everyone can easily use it, and many more people worldwide are getting passive income by using Social media sites. So let us try to follow this and make it a source of income and entertainment.

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