Android Launcher APK is a free launcher application for Android OS. The best thing about this app is that you can install apps on your phone without downloading the complete apk file. You do not have to wait for the downloading process. Launcher is a multi-function app manager and Launcher for Android phones. You can manage your apps in one place and launch them with a simple gesture. It is easy to use and looks good!

Launcher is a widely used Android app that helps you launch apps quickly, manage your home screen, and customize your phone look. This tutorial will show you how to download and install the Launcher APK file for your device. Therefore with this APK, you can get the latest Launcher version without visiting Google Play.

It is the only app that offers to turn your Android into a virtual home button. This article will guide you to get a Launcher APK file and install it on your Android device. Millions of launchers are available on the Google Play Store and many other third-party websites and apps.

For some users, deciding which is best to download for their mobile phones isn’t easy. But, some important features make the Launcher app different from others. Before going ahead and downloading any launcher, it is always better to check those features first.

Launcher APK Features And Reviews

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to download the launcher apk app, you are at the right place. To learn about the features and functions of the launcher apk app. Some important features of this APK are:

Create Shortcuts And Move Apps

APk can create shortcuts for apps and websites. You can use it to create folders within apps, web pages, documents, and anything else. Moreover, the app can move apps to the home screen. For example, you can move an app to your phone’s home screen and access it using the launcher app. You can also set it to show up on the desktop.

Manage Data And Remove Files

The launcher app can manage the list of apps you use. But, you can organize them by using the categories that you add to them. But, it also helps to remove unnecessary apps from your phone. You do not need to keep apps that you rarely use. Therefore, you can easily remove them from your phone.

Block Features For Links

Launcher apk with its ability to block apps. Moreover, you can use it to prevent certain apps from accessing the internet or your phone data storage. Moreover, the Launcher is good for sending links. But, you can use it to send links and messages to friends and family members quickly. So, you can use it to play music or videos on your phone speakers.

Updating And Customization

It is recommended that you update apps regularly. That way, you can get bug fixes and security patches. You can use it to customize your phone with a new theme and icon set. It can create widgets. You can use it to customize your phone with custom wallpapers and quick access buttons.

Android Device Setting

Launcher helps to find out your phone battery life. It can turn on/off the screen. You can use it to put your phone in standby mode when you are not using it. Moreover, with this app, you can set the ringtone. It helps to set your phone’s default ring tone and alarm sound.

Best App For Games

The Launcher APK is a tool that will allow you to launch applications or games on your phone or tablet. When you install it, you will see the different icons available on the phone or tablet. The main purpose of this Launcher is to make it easy for you to find and launch applications. Thus, the launchers available in the market today are very expensive.

Launcher APK Latest Version Download In Your Device

With the launch of the new Launcher, you can now access Google Now, the app drawer, and more through a single icon. When you long-press the Google Now card in the Launcher, you will see some options underneath. Among these options is “Open App Drawer,” which will let you open the app drawer from your phone.

So, you can even choose the app drawer size to access your apps and folders quickly. The update is currently rolling out to the Play Store, so if you are having trouble seeing it, you should check out the Play Store version of the APK.

The latest version of Launcher APK, 1.0.5, was released on May 24th, 2015. But, it is currently available for download. Launcher APK is a powerful tool that enables you to create shortcuts and widgets that run in the background and display dynamic and customizable content to users. You can create apps, shortcuts, or widgets from the Launcher.

How To Use Launcher APK for Android?

Launcher for Android is an app that allows its users to personalize the interface of their phones and tablets. With the Launcher apk, users can customize their device in all aspects – from font sizes to icons and backgrounds.

Launchers are essential for an Android device, providing easy access to all the apps and files you want to see. So, if your phone comes with Google Play installed, you have an assortment of launchers that can change the entire look of your device.

However, if you want to try something new, you do not necessarily have to stick to the pre-installed choices. However, there are plenty of other alternatives that will do just fine. Here are the top 3 launchers for Android smartphones and tablets.

Installation Guide Of Launcher APK

  • Add an Android icon to your desktop.
  • Set your wallpaper to your favorite picture.
  • Install an app for quick access to your most-used apps.
  • Manage and organize all your apps in your library.
  • Create folders to save or organize your apps.
  • Customize your phone start screen.
  • Control your music and media from your lock screen.

How To Get Launcher APP On Androids?

This is an easy way to launch the app from any screen quickly. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the new Android 6.0 launcher. So, now you can see all your apps on a single screen. If you want to remove an app from the Launcher, tap the trash icon on the left side of the app to delete it.

Once you have launched the launcher APP, you are ready to create shortcuts to your favorite apps. So, you can do this via a few methods – the most popular of which is the Quick Panel (seen in the picture below). But, you can simply long-press on your home screen and select “Create New Shortcut.” If you want to add an icon to your home screen with an extra touch of personalization, there are also a couple of other methods available.

How To Add Launcher Icon To Home Screen?

After creating your launcher icon, please save it to the desktop (or the location you saved) and then drag it onto the home screen. When you do so, it will appear on your home screen immediately.

To add a launcher icon, tap the home screen icon (in the lower-left corner of the screen) > More Apps > Manage Apps. Tap the “add” button to the right of the Launcher you want to add. Tap the + symbol to add it. Tap Done if all is OK.

Final Words

Launcher is the best Launcher for Android. It has an incredible set of features: So, a beautiful and fast home screen, quick app search, customizable live wallpapers, and many other advanced features. Launcher is the first in the market to support multiple themes and skins. Therefore, there are lots of themes available to download from the Google Play Store. In addition, there are lots of different themes available for your phone.

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