WindScribe VPN is a great application, browser extension, and Android app. It will give you the safest browsing experience possible no matter which device you are surfing on. So, the best part is you don’t need to provide personal information, name, or Email when creating a user account. It will not store logs or other activities on the network.

But, windscribe VPN will mask your physical location and hide your pieces of information from third parties or hackers. Thus, it’ll give you access to geo-lock content from anywhere. With this, you can get unlimited downloads and connect to many devices. Wind Scribe VPN has IKEv2/IPSec encryption protocols, which are both very secure.

WindScribe For Windows And PC

  • First, Open the Wind Scribe VPN application and see the list of available country names in the list.
  • Click the server of the country you want to connect to.
  • Let’s say you tap on Sweden. Therefore, then it will show available servers in the Sweden location if you tap on the public server in Sweden. But, you see, it will be connected within seconds.
  • Then, Click on the white color circular icon.

When it is connected, you will see the connection status on the screen. If you want to ensure it is connected or not?

  • Open Google Chrome on your windows.
  • Open the incognito tab in Google Chrome and write “search my location” in the search bar.
  • You will see that you are connected to a server in Sweden on Google Maps.

Best Availability For Users 

Windscribe is one of the highest-rated free VPNs out there. But, it is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and different beta versions for Linux. However, this also has extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. So, with a free version of this VPN, you’re initially granted 2 GB of monthly. But this is easily upgraded; just signing up will get you 10 G.B. at a time.

Any VPN is useless if you can’t get Netflix or other streaming services from it. But, Wind Scribe VPN doesn’t disappoint. The server has a dedicated server called Wind Flix built specifically for Netflix content.

Windscribe users will have no problem using the service to unlock restricted content from the United States, U.K., Japan, and Canada. Wind Scribe is the dictionary of the definition of OK in the world of VPN.

Does The Windscribe Provide Safety?

Are you worried about online security and privacy so that it does not fall into the hands of hackers?

If you want to keep your bills, online shopping, and personal information safe, Wind Scribe will work for you. VPN lets you have a protected network connection while using the Internet. It encrypts your data and hides your identity.

Offer:  Users will instantly get 2 GB of data while creating an account. As soon as the user confirms his email account, he will get 8 G.B., and if the user tweets about them, he will get 5 G.B. more which means you can enjoy 15 G.B. of data for free. Windscribe has servers in over 100 locations and 52 countries.

Windscribe Review For User Work

Wind Scribe is pretty a new VPN. It has roughly four years in the market. But, it claims to be the best in the market.

Wind Scribe has a free version.

They allow users to have unlimited simultaneous connections and to download. It is an excellent choice for gamers

  • No identifying logs policy.
  • Provide great speeds.
  • Works with Netflix
  • It even has a malware-blocking feature.

According to its features for general online activities, Wind Scribe might be a gem.

Cons: No doubt not all VPNs are perfect.

  • Wind Scribe’s downside is that.
  • They don’t have live chat support.
  • Very complicated refund policy.

You have to meet several conditions to get a refund, which you can get in 30 days.

Privacy Features Of Windscribe

When it comes to privacy and security credentials, we can say that the Windscribe can be considered one of the safest VPNs in the market. But, the free version has almost the same level of protection as the paid ones.

These features include Military-grade encryption, enough tunneling protocols with two stealth options, a kill switch, leak protection, plus a host of other technical privacy and security features.

Privacy Features Of Windscribe


  • O.B.E.R.T.
  • Secure hotspot
  • Ad crusher
  • Social fence
  • Tracker eradicator
  • Double hop & time wrap.

Windscribe Streaming

For streaming, most notably on Netflix, Wind Scribe has dedicated servers that you can access to Netflix’s U.S. library. The speed is also suitable for H.D. Streaming. But, the windscribe is also OK to use with Amazon Prime, Disney+, and other media centers.

For Torrenting

It also works excellent for torrenting. But note, that a few server locations don’t allow P2P connections.

What About The Price?

Fortunately, Wind Scribe offers its service relatively at low prices. All plans have the same security features and allow unlimited simultaneous connections.

  • Payment options include
  • Credit cards,
  • Payment will be gift cards,
  • Bitcoin

They won’t require your Email to sign up so you can purchase anonymously. Therefore, the downside is we have already mentioned the complicated refund policy. So, you can also try at least for its free version. But, it’s one of the best VPNs out there.

And if you’re thinking of buying it, we believe it has great potential to climb up the ladder. We recommend wind scribe for Geo unblocks, gamers, streamers, and travelers.

How Does WindScribe Do?

Choosing a VPN can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what features to look for. This article will check how Windscribe works as a VPN with over 500 servers in over 60 countries established in Ontario, Canada.

However, when you connect to the server via Wind Scribe VPN, your Internet traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel that no one can see, no government, no hackers, no Internet service provider, and no one can read your data.

When we access a website without a VPN, we get it because of the internet service provider. So I.S.P. gives us a unique address, and it directly controls our traffic so that I.S.P. can know the sites we visit. So, where is our privacy protected?

But, when we connect to the Internet with Wind Scribe VPN,  that establishes a secure connection to the VPN server. This traffic also passes through the I.S.P., but it does not see its final destination.  And the websites we visit don’t see our I.P. address.

What Kind Of Tunneling Does Windscribe Offer?

Split Tunneling

Windscribe offers split tunneling, which means you can easily access public and private networks simultaneously. This is great for bandwidth, a bonus.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use Netflix With Windscribe?

You can easily access Netflix in the U.K. and the U.S. and enjoy your favorite T.V. shows and movies. But it may not work in other countries.


It’s a custom and powerful tool that helps you prevent malware, ads, and trackers.  You can block or allow IP addresses and domains of your choice.
It is safe to use.      

Are VPNs illegal?

Every country allows some VPNs as well as blocked access to a few VPNs. So there is a risk when choosing a VPN. VPNs depend upon the land and government as well. So make sure to use the VPN that is justified by your country as well as the government.

How Much Does A Cost Of Windscribe VPN?

There are a lot of choices displayed in packages on the original site. You can choose any package and enjoy the latest services. The average cost of Windscribe is 9$ per month.

What Are Windscribe Vouchers?

A voucher means a discount. Windscribe offers vouchers as per discount to the users. However, the average price of a Windscribe voucher is 1000$ per year.    So every VPN is beneficial as well as risky to use.

But the paid version of Windscribe offers a lot of good services that you need. It is practical to use. It helps to unblock any site successfully on its servers. It is one of the best choices to use and purchase as well.

How To Use Windscribe VPN?

Windscribe is one of the most popular free VPNs offering 10 GB of free monthly data. It also provides solid security, incredible speeds, and a free VPN.  So, it is very simple to use with its unique features. And if you do not know how to use a VPN, this will help you.

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