TikTok live streaming is popular in the worldwide. Most of the TikTok users want to go live on TikTok. So, getting a creator tool and setting an option creator tool is easy. Therefore, TikTok’s live features are the best choice for making and getting your favorite settings. TikTok can help you bond with your audience in real-time while attracting new followers to your account. For this reason, all you need to do is use the best camera and TikTok account.

What Is TikTok Live?

TikTok is suitable for all users because it allows them to create multiple videos. However, an option for TikTok live is an additional feature added to TikTok. You can also try to go live on TikTok and live with TikTok stars worldwide. The most famous TikToker nowadays is streaming live TikTok. It is a real-time broadcast that people watch on TikTok. 

These are short broadcasts and easy to watch. But, some brands and food recipe creators have videos of long types. With TikTok Live, you can play Games with TikTokers and earn money. All kinds of shows and product tutorials are also played there.

TikTok is becoming popular all over the world. Like Facebook, Instagram, and other live apps, TikTok has become the number-one app in the world. According to the data, it is the best platform for creators to create videos and upload them live.

Requirements For Live Option On TikTok

It is one of the major factors considered when going live on TikTok. Therefore, there are some requirements to follow them and go live.

First is the minimum number of followers required, 1000. If you want to go live on TikTok and unlock the live feature to get 1000 followers, easily unlock it.

The age factor is the most critical factor added to your details. 16 is considered the best age for using the live feature of TikTok. But you can only go live at this age, not play games or send and receive gifts.

18-year-olds can use TikTok’s live features frequently. Therefore, try it and send and receive your gifts from the users. Moreover, you can win games and earn money in minutes.

How To Go Live On TikTok Step By Step Guide?

The live feature of TikTok is a fantastic addition. However, this makes TikTok different from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But, in this, we will give you a complete guide about going live on TikTok. A few steps are given here below.

  1. Open up your camera device and use the live feature of Tiktok
  2. Go to your profile in TikTok and find the option with + sign in to it
  3. Once you tap up the home screen plus sign, it will show you video creation
  4. Wait for a few moments. A red button will show, and tap on it
  5. Tap on the red button to create the title of your live
  6. set the stream setting and find a pink button to click on it
  7. Choose your photo and topic tile to go live on TikTok
  8. In three seconds, it will show the option of TikTok live with red, but if this is off the screen, you must meet all the requirements of live TikTok.

TikTok Live Tips For Best Practices To Watch And Creat Live TikTok Videos

If a user wants to go live on TikTok, it is essential to follow some tips. Moreover, try some good practices to make your TikTok live more perfectly.

Set A Goal For TikTok Live

The most crucial point a creator needs to consider before going for Live TikTok is setting the best goal. With your perfect goal for content and live methods, you can make your live TikTok function more accessible and friendly. However, consider what you want to promote your product’s service or want to drive traffic to your store or website. Moreover, you can make it fun for users to watch the broadcast.

Choose The Right Topic  

It is good to check your live topic and then use the live feature of TikTok. A relevant topic correlates with your audience and followers. So, with this feature, set your relevant topic in your TikTok live and check followers’ interests and issues to create your live video.

Live TikTok Structure

Suppose you want to engage your audience and interest followers on the Live TikTok. It is essential to structure your live TikTok settings. Therefore, starting by saying hi and introducing yourself to new viewers is a good idea.

The middle of your live stream can be structured however you like– it just needs to flow in a way that makes sense and keeps users engaged. A good number of people join to explain the topic of the livestream.

Go Live For 30 Minutes

Another good tip is to use the Live TikTok feature to get the audience on your TikTok. With this time measurement, you can enjoy more fun and get followers from TikTok. So, you want enough time to set your goal, but you also want to keep it short so that viewers stick around until you’re ready to say bye. Therefore, trying to plan your duration helps you keep an eye on the clock while filming.

Choose Perfect Time For TikTok Live

A perfect time is also essential to make your TikTok live session successful. It depends on the audience and the maximum number of TikTok users using this app. Choose the right time, almost evening, before sleeping, and then proper morning this time; maximum users are there to watch the live broadcast.

Make It Interactive With Quality

A banner or cover photo of your live TikTok also plays a vital role for your audience. So, if you want good results, make a perfect quality cover photo for your content. A user wants quality in your content. It is good to check your topic about fun videos. If you wish to promote a brand or product, set your good content.

Do Not Use Script

Another good point about TikTok Live is that it lets you choose the best video for content creation. A live broadcast needs content, not script. Therefore, stay away from the TikTok live. If your live streams feel stiff and scripted, they might resonate poorly with your TikTok audience. Thus, your lives are set to provide value to you and your audience but casual enough to foster an organic connection.

How To Go Live On TikTok With Ideas?

Suppose you have a TikTok account and want to live on it. Then, an idea about TikTok Live is essential for you. Therefore, before going for live TikTok, check the best content and use it to grow an audience. Some good ideas are below for checking out and enjoying live TikTok benefits.

Set A Challenge

One of the best practices for going live on TikTok is to do a challenge with a person with good followers on TikTok. So, you can set it and find separate films on your device. With this method, you can get gits and earn money and followers.

Live QNA

Another live TikTok broadcast idea is to do QNA live in your streaming. With live TikTok Q&A, you can make your live settings perfect. Open a comment option in the TikTok broadcast and then answer comments from your audience.

View Behind Scenes

It is another good point that you need to get ideas from. Always try to visit the scenes when you are on set for a TV drama or film shooting. With this, your audience will be interested and will watch your broadcast.

Interview Hosting

Do you have a question about how to go live on TikTok? Then, it is best to host an interview with a superstar in different industries like showbiz, entertainment, sports, etc. Always ask them for an interview and go live on TikTok. Your followers and other users can check interviews on TikTok.

Frequently Asked Question

How To Go Live On TikTok Without 1000 Followers?

Most people have this point about how to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers. However, a best practice is to watch the live feature of TikTok and enjoy it. However, you can still go live without several followers on TikTok. Thus, check these points and go live on TikTok.
We’d heard rumors there was a workaround to go live, even without 1,000 fans. Though we don’t endorse non-TikTok-approved hacks, we did have to try it.
Tap the screen in the right menu suitable to your profile to find the hamburger option.
Find the privacy and settings in the profile option.
Click on the report a problem and check I cannot go live for TikTok.
When you select this and it asks if your problem is solved, click “No.”
After that, report your problem, add a note, and send it to the TikTok support team.
They will review it and resolve your problem so you can enjoy it within a limited time.

How To Go Live On TikTok On Tablet?

You must follow a few simple steps to go live on TikTok using a tablet.
First, open the TikTok app on your tablet and log in to your account.
Then, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to create a new video.
Next, select the “Live” option from the recording options at the bottom of the screen.
You may need to verify your account to go live, so follow the prompts if necessary.
Once ready, add a title and relevant tags to your livestream.
Tap the “Go Live” button to start broadcasting to your followers.

How To Join Some Live On TikTok?

To join someone live on TikTok, tap on the profile of the person who is currently live and then tap the “Join Live” button.
Remember that the live person will need to approve your request to join.
Once they do, you can interact with them and their audience in real-time.
Just make sure to be respectful and mindful of the live broadcast guidelines.

How To Go Live On TikTok On iPhone?

To go live on TikTok on an iPhone, open the TikTok app and log in to your account.
Then, tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen to open the camera.
Next, tap the ‘Live’ option at the bottom of the screen and add a title for your live stream.
Finally, tap the ‘Go Live’ button to start broadcasting to your followers.
Make sure to engage with your audience and have fun during your live session!

How To Go Live On TikTok On PC?

To go live on TikTok on PC, you must use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer.
Once you have installed the emulator on your computer, download the TikTok app and log in to your account.
Then, navigate to the “Me” tab and tap the “+” icon to create a new video.
Select “Live” from the options and follow the prompts to set up your live stream.
Remember that going live on TikTok on a PC may provide different features and functionality than going live on a mobile device.

How To Go Live On TikTok For Free?

To go live on TikTok for free, you first need to ensure that your account meets the requirements for live streaming. You must have at least 1,000 followers and be 16 years old.
Once you meet these requirements, tap the plus sign at the bottom center of the screen to create a new video, then select the “Live” option.
You can add a title for your live stream and go live by tapping the “Go Live” button.
Keep in mind that TikTok also has community guidelines for live streaming, so make sure to review those before going live.

How To Go Live On TikTok Without Showing Your Face?

To go live on TikTok without showing your face, you can use various creative techniques such as showing your hands, drawing or painting, using props or objects, or even using an avatar or mask. You can also use editing tools to add filters or effects to your video to obscure your face. Remember to engage with your audience through your content and creatively present yourself while going live on TikTok.

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