Social Media Icons And Logo is a part of our life and very common in this World. So, everyone uses social media for different purposes. But, it helps people to interact at any time and anywhere. So nowadays, everything is just handled by social media. No website and no app is completed without icons.

Therefore, everything, even videos, emails, and businesses, benefits from the use of Social media icons. Moreover, there are requirements to follow, like the size and shape of icons. So, it shows the brand and is not claimed as copyright.

You can use social media icons on your website page, the home page. Thus, a lot of business uses them for marketing like posters. When the audience sees the logos, they will judge the standards and basics of business. Therefore, you can add social media logos on the profile of social media sites that help the audience to react to you easily.

But, it is a great way to keep everything clear and unique to the audience. Thus, social media icons help visitors to follow you instantly. In addition to this, Social Media is an active platform for time. Overall, every company needs to optimize its logos.

Free 6 Social Media Icons

Every company generates social media icons for free. Hence, there is a reason behind generating free social media icons. The major one is that social media icons help to differentiate the companies. So here are the following Social media icons that are helped to achieve primary goals.

Facebook Icons

Billions of people use Facebook. Everyone is aware of its icon as well. So, it is pretty simple and easy to generate. This icon aims to represent a service and organization.

Therefore, an interesting fact is that the founder of the Facebook organization Markzukrburg has color blindness. But, it means that he is unable to differentiate between red and green colors. That’s why he chose the blue and white colors.

Guidelines For Social Media Icon

Only use the blue and white color to generate the icon of Facebook. Use of only one word, “f,” in the correct form and shape. However, it could be reversed black and white, and gray and white as well.

Therefore, it must always appear square as it will leave a good impact. So, there are a lot of versions available for download. Always try to download icons according to the next medium. But, it must be in legible size. Make sure to maintain the simplicity of the icon.

Instagram Social Media Icons

One billion are active users on Instagram. Everyone recognizes its icon easily. The icon is used to represent the organization’s Instagram. It helps to know the details of a brand. Instagram provides a platform for to audience to share photos and videos. The founders of Instagram are Kevin Strom and Mike Krieger. It is mostly recognized and famous for its older icon. Earlier, Facebook has acquired Instagram.

Free 6 Social Media Icons

Guidelines For Instagram Icon

Always prefer the resources of the Instagram organization for the Instagram icon. So, the color of the icon can be reversed in solid color. It can be represented without a square and rounded shape. But, it is better never to incorporate symbols of the company.

Thus, Instagram must compromise half of your design and remaining content. Everything here can be changed or reorganized, but one thing remains constant: the camera design of the icon.


Twitter is one of the great social media networking sites. It provides a platform where users upload posts called tweets. However, the characters of tweets were limited earlier, but later it has been increased.

Thus, the logos of Twitter were being changed, but Gavin developed and organized Twitter icons in one day. Nowadays, this icon is easily recognizable. This bird icon is representative of a great social media site.

Guidelines Of Social Media Icon

Twitter icons must be originated only in blue and white; others are not valid as well. Use the icon of Twitter only by preferable sources. So, do not use animation and other creatures around the bird icon.

Whenever you need to place it as a background, only use of white logo version. Therefore, the minimum size must be 16 pixels to maintain the impact, and the maximum is 32 pixels. Thus, you can use either square or rounded shapes as you wish.

Pinterest With Best Icon 

Pinterest is a social media networking site that is used to share information by uploading videos and pictures. There are 250 million users of Pinterest. It is a simple icon with the word “P.” Moreover, this word is in a red area that represents its organization. This icon is very simple and easy to recognize by its vector.


Always use the logo by the preferable resources. It is better and has a great impact to use the icon in red color only. Make sure to use the icon size perfectly and refer to it as before. So, always use call-to-action words like “Visit here for more details” and” Follow us.” Always add a link URL on Pinterest.

Social Media Icon Of YouTube

YouTube platform was founded in 2005 firstly. So, the icon of YouTube is replaced with the rest of the time. Thus, the icon and vector of YouTube represent that it is all about videos only. It is the greatest platform that provides information about every topic to the audience.

But, the YouTube icon is available in red, black, and white color combinations. Thus, the selection of color can be used for technical purposes. Do not try to use any other color except the recommended one. It can only be used for YouTube channel purposes.


Snapchat provides multimedia message services. The icon is representative of a ghost form. In the new version, Snapchat has removed a ghost’s face and created an interactive logo. So, the social media icon and its vector represent uniqueness.

Therefore, there are three acceptable colors for the Snapchat logo black, white, and yellow. Snapchat is also customized to follow your friends and upload stories. Thus, you can download the best logo from its sources. Do not use other colors except recommended. Always use the small-size logo and keep in mind its vector as well.


All of these are free social media icons. You can find and generate these from many sites, but it’s better to move for original resources and follow guidelines for a better impact.

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