Torguard is based in Florida. It is a strong product that provides a lot of security options. Moreover, it offers WireGuard Protocol. It is one of the great choices for torrenting as well. Meanwhile, a primary concern is its Virtual Private Network. Torguard is known for being a great VPN. Moreover, its security and privacy features make it more remarkable. It was founded in 2012 years.

Torguard VPN Reviews

If you are searching for the best VPN, then it will be a wise choice. Here, you will come up with all the worthy features and services of Torguard VPN. These are the following;

Privacy: It is one of the main points of every VPN. However, Torguard VPN  has no logs policy. It makes a considerable effort for strict privacy—no data is provided to any other party.

Security Features: Torguard VPN  is safe and offers a variety of security features. However, it won’t keep track of your browsing history. In addition, it offers a Stealth VPN feature. However, it provides military-grade encryption of your data.

Servers: Torguard VPN has WireGuard and IKEV2 protocol. However, it is ideal for every smartphone user. On the other hand, the Tor Guard SOKs5 protocol offers services to only authentic users. Moreover, it reduces the chances of getting hacked.

Performance: It is one of the fastest VPNs in the market by implementing Wire Guard protocol. It offers three thousand servers based in fifty countries. However, it has an impressive speed connection.

Best VPN For Windows OR PCs

Torguard is an online privacy protection VPN. It allows you to surf the internet without giving up your private information. It’ll keep you anonymous while you’re online. Once you get ready to load the VPN, it’s simple to use.

And it’s just simply that you get to choose what country you want to represent. Such as by which, You can choose Italy, Russia, or Singapore. It doesn’t matter which country you select.

Best VPN For Windows OR PCs

However, it’s helpful that some networks are a lot faster than other networks. But no matter what you choose. You’re going to have a secure connection. Click on your desired location, and then click Connect. For example, if you connect with an Italian server.

The Torguard VPN is going to reach out to an Italian server. However, it is to get you an IP address from Italy and mask your IP address wherever you are in the world. So, it will give you access to those sites which are forbidden in your place.

Review Of Torguard  Wireguard

A VPN is a protocol that utilizes less code and more efficient cryptographic algorithms. So, essentially is becoming a faster and more secure counterpart to OpenVPN. Wireguard is a reasonably new VPN protocol aiming to replace the old OpenVPN protocol.

If you are using or planning to use a VPN, you should be careful about which protocol your VPN is using. Maybe you have heard about Wireguard before, If you did manage to get a general idea about wireGuard. It probably revolved around a few key points.

  • It’s faster.
  • VPN is simpler
  • It’s more secure.
  • And surprisingly, not everyone uses it.
  • Taurguard Wireguard is the fastest Wireguard implementation.

Cost Of Torguard VPN

There could be ups and downs in cost. So it is better to visit the official site to confirm pricing. After visiting the page, you might have a lot of confusion. Moreover, it’s challenging to choose one among all of these.

Such as they have provided a lot of plans, and you can select a package to your needs. The medium, the cost is 60$. However, there are a lot of options for payment. You can get only seven days refund policy.

Torrenting: Torguard is an excellent VPN. When torrenting its security and privacy features make it a deal for p2p users. It costs more when compared to its main competitors like Nord, surf shark, and private VPNs.  Sure, but doesn’t that mean it offers more features? Yes, it’s a VPN market leader, and it’s excellent if torrenting is your thing.

Privacy: The main point of VPNs is privacy. But, it starts on the right foot by enabling users to pay anonymously, accepting payments in vouchers and cryptocurrency. Torguard VPN is superb and provides a variety of high-end premium security features. It has a strict no-log privacy policy meaning it won’t keep track of what you are doing.

Stealth VPN Feature: Second, it offers Military-grade protection on all of your data. So that’s it’s convenient. Torguard has WireGuard and IKEV2 protocols, which are ideal for smartphone users. It has become one of the fastest VPNs on the market today. Also, Tor enables you to get your IPS throttling common issues with internet service providers in many countries.

Pros And Cons Of Torguard 


  • Provides security features.
  • It is suitable for torrenting.
  • Gives a free trial version.
  • It has good speed connectivity.
  • Moreover, it offers a lot of options for DNS.


  • It provides split tunneling to only Andriod.
  • You can’t access blocked Netflix.
  • You might make an effort to connect.
  • It is based in the USA.
  • It has no live chat support.

How To Setup Torguard VPN On Windows OR PC?

Torguard VPN is a robust VPN and provides good services. However, some users have to set up Torguard VPN on their Windows but have no idea enough. So to use Torguard VPN on the window, you need to follow these steps;

  • Go to Chrome and search for the original site of the Taurguard client.
  • Install it through the given link by the site.
  • After installing, choose the location to which you want to connect.
  • Then, click on the connect option.
  • You will see connected, which means it will be verified.
  • If you’re going to disconnect at any time, click on the possibility of disconnect.

Torguard launched a few years ago but has real popularity among VPN users. It is one of the most satisfied VPNs by users. Moreover, it has a tremendous high-speed connection. Probably, it is one of the reasons for its popularity. However, it has recorded 52 MBs per second. So it is an excellent choice for VPN users.

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